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Virtual Assistants are generally self-employed individuals who provide professional, administrative, technical or creative assistance for clients from a remote location, say from home. Clients who want to hire virtual assistants might want to search from freelancing websites such as Odesk, elance, Freelancer etc. But the sheer amount of available VAs in these websites make searching for the appropriate and capable one difficult. There is really no definite way of telling that the VA that you will be hiring in these sites are up to the task.

Enter Focusinc Group Philippines, a company which offers a smorgasbord of tried and tested professional virtual assistants that are handpicked and trained by the company itself to be fit for hiring. The Focusinc Group Corp is a remote staffing company which has its main operations in Davao, Philippines. With its highly skilled, college educated workforce, business owners can entrust confidently even the most challenging functions of their companies to reach its maximum potential.

What makes Focusinc Group Corp different from other BPO companies is its constant supervision and training being administered to its employees to ensure that they will comprehend their new responsibilities and accomplish it with the utmost quality. The company also takes off the load of most management duties from the client as it also handles the human resource aspect of the job such as training, salary supervision, sick days and more.

The majority of Focusinc employees are graduates of prestigious universities in the Philippines. Its employees represent a variety of educational backgrounds and industrial expertise ranging from engineering, computer science to humanities. Its employees are among the best and the brightest in their respective fields. Focusinc’s application process is a tedious and comprehensive one. It takes into account previous employment history and professional references from its applicants to hire only those who are focused and talented in their respective fields.

First and foremost, one of the benefits of being an employee in Focusinc Philippines is the prestige that you acquire when you are hired. This is so since the company is very selective in hiring employees. Only 1 out of 15-20 applicants are accepted in the company as they only choose the best among the rest. If you are hired, then you certainly are the best.

Also, another benefit of choosing Focusinc as a place where you can grow your career is the wide variety of industries that it services. Among the industries that Focusinc Philippines is capable of catering to include: Construction and Estimating, E-commerce and Retail, Marketing, Architecture, Insurance, Office and Administrative, Web Development and Programming. This is by no means a comprehensive list but the fact stays that there will be little to no chance of being underemployed. You can get to use the abilities and skills that you acquired from your bachelor’s degree to the highest extent possible.

Focusinc Philippines call center office location:

  • Focusinc Davao
    4/F 1.18 Centron Building,
    Quirino Avenue Cor. Gen. Luna St
    Davao City, Philippines

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