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FPT Software Technologies

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FPT Software Technologies is the leading and biggest software outsourcing company in South East Asia established in 1999 in Vietnam with over 6,000 software outsourcing projects and a global presence in diverse markets including Japan, America, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia. Guided by technological innovations, FPT Software Philippines commits to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity and providing employees with the most favorable working environment possible for them to reach their full potential in their professional careers.

FPT Software Technologies offers a broad array of IT services and solutions to meet the diverse needs of different companies. It offers Cloud Services such as Cloudification, Saasification and Cloud Product Development. It offers Legacy Migration including Lotus Note and Cobol Migration and Application Remediation. For Application Services, FPT Philippines offers Application Development and Maintenance. Its Embedded System included Automotive, Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics. It also offers QA & Testing like Integration, Performance, Compatibility Automation testing. Package implementation included Distribution Management System and ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics).

FPT Software Technologies in the Philippines specialized in business process outsourcing services which included Data Entry Services, Dialog Marketing, Address Management, Form Processing (Form design and consultancy and OCR and manual data verification), Order Management, Cheque Processing, Image Processing, Service application (Brochures and catalogs, Web shops, Banners and advertising and Photo design). It also has Business Solutions such as Postal Entry, White Mail Processing, Content categorizing, Web Researches, Data Management, Maintenance and update of customer master data and Press Clipping as well as Scanning Services (Applications, survey forms, transaction slips, postal, drawings, etc. book, microfilm and microfiche scanning). Finally, FPT Software Philippines also offers Enterprise Mobilization and mobile Application Development & Testing.

FPT Software Technologies has been the IT company of choice for many small and large companies across the world because of its Competitive Cost, Best-in-class Process, Scalable Resource Pool, Trusted by global leaders and Leading through Innovation.

FPT Software Technologies main office & call center location:

  • FPT Software Manila
    Pacific Regency
    760 P. Ocampo Sr. Avenue
    Manila, Philippines

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