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How to Look Fresh and Refresh After the GY Shift

You hang your headset, stretch a bit, and stand up. Your GY (graveyard) shift is up. You are ready to hit home – and the sack. Then, you catch ‘somebody’ in the mirror. You look closely.

Eeek! Is this me? Your hair looks damp from too much oil; your eyebrows are like stubborn stubbles sprouting in all directions; the skin around your droopy, eye-bagged eyes are covered with dark patches; the pores of your skin are like doors that never close; your oily skin breaks out; and your lips are chapped. Zombie!

But then you shrug your shoulders, and tell yourself, ‘I work at night, nobody notices how I look anyways.’ Hold it, girl! Just because you work in the graveyard shift doesn’t mean you should neglect how you look. Remember, you are out at day. Therefore, you are exposed to day-time workers who are looking all glammed up and chic. You don’t want them to think that all call center professionals live up to the moniker, ‘people of the dark,’ you know, like they’re seeing the movie Thriller. And isn’t that hunky hottie you always rub arms with whenever you ride that siksikang Revo motivation enough to look good? Hmmm, now you’re smiling…

It only takes 10 minutes to look fresh and refreshed. So before you rush out the door, follow these quick fixes for that morning beauty blunders:

OILY HAIR. Since you cannot shower and shampoo in the office, get those reliable scrunchies you keep in your kikay kit. The colorful ones, the better. If you wear your hair long, get that red or gold scrunchy and tie your hair into a neat bun. Let some hair hang loose from your forehead, style be. Or, if your hair is short, you may slip a bonnet or sport a bandanna a la Lindsay Lohan. Fashionista, di ba? 30 seconds

STRAY EYEBROWS SPROUTING IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Haven’t you noticed, whenever you make puyat, the faster your eyebrows grow? What to do? If you don’t have that tiani available to pluck stray brows, or a razor to shave them off, just get an eyebrow pencil the color of your hair and line your eyebrows with it. Be sure to follow the contour of your brows and cover sparse areas. Don’t overdo it or you’ll look like Bakekang redux. This way, the focus will be on the shape of your eyebrows and not on the stray hairs. 1 minute

Dark Patches Around The Eyes. Anybody seen a rugby player? That’s most likely how one looks when dark circles form around the eyes. If dark circles around the eyes are a result of lack of sleep, a simple cucumber patch is enough. Get two slices of cucumber from the center’s pantry. Close your eyes and place one slice each on both eyes. Let the cucumber eye patch sit for 1 minute. Dry your eyes gently with a cotton ball. Apply a concealer one color lighter than your skin. Be sure to even it out or you’ll look like you are suffering from vitiligo, a skin disorder where white patches develop on the skin. If dark marks are hereditary, like you have bombay genes, however, you just cannot reverse it with this simple treatment or with oversleeping. See a dermatologist. For the cucumber/ concealer fix 1 minute is enough.

Pores Are Open Like Doors. If your pores appear like you’re seeing the inside of your skin, most likely, dead skin cells have built up on the pores. Don’t, repeat, DON’T squeeze or pick on your pores as this can stretch the skin and scar them – and the more the pores will be visible to look at. To minimize large pores, exfoliation is the key. Exfoliation helps buff away dead skin cells and keeps the pores looking smaller and clean. If you are prone to clogged pores, however, it is best to use an acid based product, such as salicylic acid, to keep the pores clean on the surface. 2 minutes

SKIN BREAKS OUT. Don’t prick that pimple! This is a no-no. Pricking pimples aggravates the condition of your skin and may leave a scar on your face. Let a qualified dermatologist do this for you. If you see pimples erupting like little volcanoes, just wash your face with tepid water and a mild soap and rinse. Dry face with a clean face towel. That’s it. Don’t let your hair dangle on your skin or touch it with your bare hands as bacteria may develop that may infect your skin. 2 minutes

OILY SKIN. Looking at your face in the mirror is like looking on a pan swimming with oil in it – ready for frying! Oily skin is developed when a dry flaky layer on the top surface and the oil that the skin produces gets trapped underneath and becomes infected. To keep it balanced and clean, use a moisturizer. Slather a small amount on your fingers and massage it on your skin working up to prevent the skin from sagging. Do this morning and nighttime. 2 minutes

CHAPPED LIPS. Because it’s cold in most call centers, chapped lips are developed. Don’t peel off dry skin that develop on the lips as this will result into a cut and will bleed. After brushing your teeth, gently run the bristle of your toothbrush on your lips, too, to wash away dead skin. Then apply a lip balm or a lip moisturizer. Petroleum jelly works wonders, too. Apply lipstick preferably with moisturizer formula to soften the lips and minimize the dryness. When at home, just apply moisturizer every now and then until the lips become soft and supple. 1 minute 30 seconds

See, in just 10 minutes you’re looking fresh and rested as if you just stepped out of a salon. You take a look at yourself in the mirror one last time. Now, you exclaim, “Wow! Is this really me?”

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