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Performance and Style through Science, FrontierGadget Inc. is a private company involved in the design, marketing and distribution of consumer gadgets particularly the Ekotek gadgets. These gadgets are comprise of electronic and home appliances, consumer electronics which are comparable to the best and most popular in terms of quality at less than half the price. FrontierGadget aims in allowing more people especially the ordinary people to enjoy the advantages of information technology without having the problem of affordability and without compromising quality

Among the major products of FrontierGadget included tablets in different models and features, speakers, and micro SD and the innovative power bank. The tablets are affordable hand help computer devices that can ideally be used by children for learning and study. The Ekotek speakers (Ekocube) are primarily portable speakers that allow consumers to enjoy quality music sound anywhere and anytime using their handheld portable music playing devices such as mp3 players and cellphones. The micro SD is a generic tiny data storage that can be used in cellphones, tablets and other devices. Finally the Eko power bank is a power storage that will help people to store electrical power for all their electronic devices such as phones, tablets. This power storage is equally portable and ideal to take in places where there is no electricity. It is also ideal for saving electrical power to charge phones and other devices in cases of brownouts which is apparently unpredictable

Aside from its products, FrontierGadget believes that providing quality after sales and customer services support to these products will enhance the enjoyment of customers to these products. It maintains a hotline available 24- that is ready to provide technical support for all the products of FrontierGadget.

FrontierGadget or Ekotek Gadgets is located in 1049 Gilmore twins 11th street Gilmore avenue, New Manila, Quezon city. It also has a branch along 33 San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila. Telephone nos. (+63) 9189857301/ (+63) 02-696-2580.

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