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Fun at Work

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When we get stuck to a job, might as well make the most of it. As the stress increases and gets unmanageable, a little fun will not hurt. Call center jobs are one of the most stressful jobs these days. People do not realize how stressing it is to go to work and get yelled at for something you have nothing to do with. Pride and emotions are at stake at every interaction we get with our customers. To keep our sanity, call center agents must continually find ways to enjoy and unwind.

These are activities initiated by the company to ensure that fun remains in the company atmosphere. Some may be applicable to all call centers, some may just be specific to others. Regardless, this is a leeway for agents to have fun.

This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for call center agents. Isn’t it nice to be rewarded for all the hardships you’ve gone through the previous months, quarter or year? Incentives prove to be the greatest motivator of call center agents. May it be monetary or items, it still gives agents great pleasure to receive incentives knowing the things they did for the company.

Awards and Recognition
Like preschoolers, adults also feel the need to be recognized. Agents want to get credit to the things they did to help improve the company. It motivates the agents to do better seeing as their efforts are not taken for granted.

Theme Days
Even if this is a simple activity, experts tend to get excited to fit in with the theme. This I believe is due to the need to fit in and even stand out in the crowd. Wear red on Saturday, says the team captain. On Saturday, you’ll see agents in red dress-to-kill outfits.

This may seem unlikely as call centers operate 24 by 7 but let me tell you we do have parties and mind you it is extremely effective in keeping an agent. In a line of work where every day is a stressful day, it is good to know that we have something to look forward to. Call center parties are the definition of parties. From fun and activities to food, we got it all.

Physical contests
After long hours of sitting on your station answering calls, chat or email, it is refreshing to have physical contests to stretch out the lazy muscles. It creates a great distraction from the stress. It is best with prizes though.

Though these ideas seem simple, these can greatly solidify an employee’s loyalty to the company. These also establish the agents’ self-worth and reintegrate the company value. It might be simple yet relevant.

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