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Funny Call Center Spiels

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Call center has a lot to offer. Whether it is benefits, perks, and other privileges, call center companies provide everything that their employees need. They make sure that these privileges are all felt and enjoyed by the call center agents. Despite of the tedious and tremendous works, call center agents still top whatever they are doing because of some funny things that happen in the office. Yes, Filipino English is certainly different from a typical work or job as well. With the various nationalities that usually work with the call center, this does not prevent the things that can happen in the future. Here are some funny call center spiels as well.

A call center agent who was asking about the credit card information of his clients. The agent asks, “Can I have your expiration date, sir?” The client really wonders how to answer this.

A telesales agent who was giving promo spiels. She elaborated all the promos and other offers by the company, and at the end she adds, “di ba?” which means “right?” in English.

The next spiel is pretty funny too. It is quite Filipino inside joke, but it is really funny. The agents ask for a letter as a verification. She asks “Is that a P for Ping-pong?” The client says “No, it’s B.” Of course, the agent says, “Oh, it is B, as in Bing-Bong.”

Another funny incident was when the customer service representative because she instructs the client to type the letter P on his keyboard. However, the client misunderstands this and think that the agent says to pee on his keyboard.

These funny call center spiels adds fun and excitement to the work in the business process outsourcing. Some agents count this as one of their experiences in the field. They really believe that this funny incident is just one of a kind. This is included in the list of all the funny incidents that they may experience that they will remember. What else can you wish for? Start working in a call center company as soon as possible.

More funny call center conversations:

cx: I want to add minutes on my phone. I have an airtime card.
A: great  May I have the pin?
Cx: Do you want it now ?
A: No ma’am, tomorrow ..

** Brains please!

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