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FWD Insurance

Posted on October 28, 2016 | No Comments on FWD Insurance

FWD Life Insurance Corporation is one with the FWD Group. This is the insurance business arm of Pacific Century Group. This business has reached Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and Philippines. Basically, FWD Insurance aims to provide people with the assurance of living their passion without having so many worries. Moreover, an individual can guarantee himself with this company because of the services here.

What makes this insurance company different from others is the way how their service is promoted. They have pledged to let their clients celebrate life and remove worries away in order to keep going no matter what circumstances could come along the way. Their main point is for their people to pursue their passion and leave everything to FWD Insurance.

Products and Services
Basically, this company offers life insurance. The following are the various plans that they have made:

Fight Plan. This refers to the assistance given by them to support their clients in time of critical illness specifically any form of cancer. They offer quick and easy application with no medical checks. Moreover, there is a 2 million benefit amount and one is covered for the next 15 years.

Set for Life Plan. This includes life insurance that could be felt until 100 years old. Loyalty bonus is given. One can even see their money grow. Moreover, the annual premium is 18k which is payable in 5 or 10 years. The money that you have invested will keep on earning because it is invested through financial funds. You are given flexibility to maximize the returns or protection.

All Set Plan. This is almost the same with the previous plan. The only difference is that it is paid once and one can certainly enjoy all the benefits that he needs. This life insurance includes the assistance to 38 identified critical illnesses. This offers your insurance needs and financial goals for an affordable single premium invested in FWD.

Why Should You Work Here
A lot of reasons exist on why you should work here. The first reason is the effective management and seasoned trainers that you will be working with. Being with concern and loving people is kind of hard to find. Hence, working here can give you the best company that you will ever have. In addition to that, this gives competitive compensations and benefits as well. With their policies, your life is also insured.

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