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G3 Telecom Philippines

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G3 Telecom is a facilities-based telecommunications reseller in Canada founded in 1999, whose varied network crosses Canada and the United States. It essentially operates modern switching equipment that provides crystal clear quality distance communication between the US, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, among others.

The primary service provided by G3 Telecom is long distance Canada and the US especially targeting ethnic markets from the aforementioned countries. G3 Telecom provides clear quality calls that will allow families, friends and relatives to connect and talk to their loved ones as if they are just a few inches away. The company values the importance of communication which is the primary social adhesive that connects and binds people.

Aside from personal calls, G3 Telecom also supports long distance business calls to ensure that the communication needs that facilitate transactions are fully supported. Apart from long distance calls, the company also provide VOIP-voice over protocol to both business and residential customers. VOIP is essentially voice communications transmitted over the Internet. VOIP allows for video calls and video conferencing in which people not only talks to each other but sees each while talking. It also allows more than two people to talk simultaneously in real time. This allows companies to hold meetings online or allow people located in different geographical locations to talk and meet over the virtual world. Finally, G3 Telecom also serves as an Internet Service Provider particularly for customers residing in Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

There is really no G3 Telecom branch in the Philippines nor is there a G3 call center. The G3 call center referred to in Pasig is actually the Ellora Telecom, which is the affiliate in-house call center of G3 Telecom. Ellora Telecom serves as the support service center of G3 in the Philippines providing customer contact relationship management to G3 services.

G3 Telecom/Ellora Telecom call center is located in:

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