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G9 Outsourcing

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G9 Outsourcing Corporation is a premiere contact center services firm founded in 2004 that offers a comprehensive set of contact services solutions for companies to improve their customer service quality, customer satisfaction, market and sales through market campaign expansion, better customer service, improve customer satisfaction and correct target marketing.

G9 Outsourcing Philippines derives its name from the slang word G9 which means goodnight, which reflects the nature, quality and intensity of work that the company offers. It availing the services of G9, companies can have a goodnight sleep that their marketing, sales and customer support operations will run smoothly and efficiently according to their objectives and targets. Because G9 operates 24-7, clients are assured that it continuously operate every hour every day 365 days a year even while they are sleeping. Finally, since G9 outsourcing operates in the Philippines and serves a western market, its agents practically treat the night as their day. Night time is a good night because they are most productive in this time.

G9 Outsourcing Philippines provides inbound call center services that included customer services, fulfilment of Service, handling of customer Inquiries, addressing customers requests and dealing with customer complaints, Help desk and technical Support services for IT and systems use, Order Taking, Order Entry and Order, processing, reservations, booking (flights and hotels) and authorizations, call overflow, after Office Hours Support and Dealer Locators. Among its outbound services included sales, telemarketing, cold calling, sales Campaign Management, Market Research and telephone Surveys, Customer Retention, administration of loyalty programs, reminding customers of bills, Up-Selling and Cross-Selling and Lead Generation.

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