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Game Plan Marketing Solutions

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Game Plan Marketing Solutions is a company that provides marketing services for their clients. This marketing company acknowledges that it is very challenging these days for the business owners to know where and how to market their business. Game Plan Philippines offers to look at each brand new opportunity, assess and gauge basing on the clients’ objectives and then come up with an effective strategy and solution.

The company is capable of finding the right place to market its client’s brands, whether it is in an interactive multi-platform campaign, a sole highly noticeable billboard or even an indistinct publication in a distant land. As it is very attentive of the bottom line, the company spends every penny as its own, and will celebrate each success it encounters along the way.

Game Plan Marketing’s core is to provide assistance to business owners who belong to small and mid-sized businesses. The company is currently headquartered in Rochester New York, but it firmly believes that there is no market that is too big, too small or too far away for it to provide its services.

Everything begins with a well-organized plan, and then it will eventually become something creative, something extraordinary and then something great. Once the business owner seeks assistance from Game Plan Marketing, the company will handle these responsibilities:
– Market Research
– Media Planning and Negotiation
– Strategic Placement
– Project Management
– Creative Services
– Public Relations
– Digital Marketing
– New Media

In ten years that the company has been successfully established, Game Plan Marketing continued in its aspiration to do more for its clients. It is very fortunate that the company has found a team of experts whose experiences were brought about by the years they previously spent in media sales. They are always being asked about weighing opportunities and never failed of coming up with ideas and strategies on how to provide excellent and distinctive services to their clients. Furthermore, the company firmly believes that life is really all about who you know. With that, Game Plan Marketing never sticks and does not limit itself to just its own experience and expertise. Despite already having a handful of experts, the company doesn’t stop from having access to a complete suite of services. It picks a certain expert for each client in each project. It has always been the company’s game plan, as it also believes that they are all in with the clients.

Game Plan Marketing Solutions office address:

  • Game Plan San Juan
    285 P.Guevarra st.
    San Juan, Philippines

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