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GameOps Inc. is a company that provides solutions which matches the corporate goals of Publishers, through services that are calculatedly targeted towards the Retention and Monetization of Online Communities. GameOps Philippines is committed in making the most out of the potential of every online game it supports through the use of its wide range experience in publishing online games and regarding every product as if it were its own. It also aims to be the leading solution provider for online games in the world, by focusing on every possible need when it comes to publishing.

Community Management Outsourcing – This service specializes on Community Retention and Monetization. GameOps utilizes a modernized approach to reassure revenue, as Monetization itself has transformed into an almost entirely separate exertion. The company also uses approaches from Retail and Merchandise Marketing, merged with Community Building and Game Development, to be able to produce and focus on the demand that will, in due course, require consumer spending.

Game Moderation Outsourcing – This service specializes on providing Players with superb experience. The Game Moderators of GameOps are the main manpower used order to get the operational support job done. From the performance examination and policy implementation, to enhancing the client’s Community Management and Customer Support efforts, Game Moderators will be able to get the tasks accomplished. However, like any work force, their duties and responsibilities need to be calculatedly planned and well organized in order to achieve high end results.

Customer Support Outsourcing – This service focuses on keeping the players in the game. In all of the supports operations, Customer Support affects retention the most directly, and GameOps acknowledges each communication as an opportunity to keep the customer, and give a lasting impression of high end quality customer service. The company handles Customer Support as the ultimate chance to keep the players that are most probably giving up on the game without turning back.

Online Marketing Services – GameOps uses both “Push” and “Pull” Online Media across a variety of channels to make the most out of effective reach and marketing. The company aims to determine and find the clients’ target audience, and when and where they are most interested to the clients’ offers and messages. The company guarantees to build awareness, build positioning and add up the share of voice through its media strategies and programs. This improves the clients’ campaign for the aimed performance metrics based on the clients’ goals in business.

GameOps Philippines call center office address:

  • GameOps Ortigas
    One San Miguel Building
    Shaw Blvd cor. One San Miguel ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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