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Garrett & Talon Philippines

Garrett & Talon Inc. in the Philippines is an in-house BPO company that provides a broad range of customer support services to the customers of “JustFlowers”, a world renowned flower delivery company that operates across the 50 states of America and around the world since 1996. JustFlowers is a premium flower retailer that specializes in same day(express delivery) and timely delivery (scheduled or specific time delivery) of flowers and other products worldwide. Garrett & Talon Philippines has a venerable commitment to customer satisfaction in terms of delivering the finest, most innovative, and passionate floral arrangements and gifts for practically all type of occasions including anniversaries, valentines, birthdays, get well, funerals, graduations, Christmas, new year, and any other holiday or ordinary day. More importantly, these products are supported by a service that is friendly and prompt because the service delivery schedule constitutes an essential element of making the receipt of flowers a significant and pleasant experience to make the floral gift perfect.

Garrett & Talon Philippines essentially provides customer service, order processing, and sales of JustFlowers including cross selling, upselling (upgrades and ad ons) as well as meeting closure rates. Agents are especially trained to be convincing especially in terms of describing the floral arrangements.

Garrett & Talon Philippines is a company known for its very generous remuneration packages which included free food benefits, attendance bonuses, performance based bonuses and other incentives. The company also prides itself to have the fastest processing of recruiters. Garrett & Talon Philippines provides one day processing hence, a potential applicant will know within 24 hours if one is hired or not. All successful applicants undergo further training and orientation for them to learn or instill the values of the company, its objectives, mission and vision as well as the winning culture that makes Garrett and Talon one of the most fulfilling BPO companies.

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