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GCOM Philippines

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G-Com is the first contact center established in Mindanao Philippines particularly in Davao City on September 17, 2004. Their office address in the Philippines is Door No. 3 ANC Building. Lapulapu corner Sobrecarey St. Davao City with the telephone numbers 221-4266 loc 18819. This is in the vicinity of the Chinatown district and just a short hike to Chimes Mall, which makes the area safe and convenient especially for agents on graveyard shift. As the first call center in Mindanao, G-COM gained popularity for its intensive campaign to promote the call center profession among students conducting school to school visits, orientation and other assistance to help students build a career in the call center industry. Hence, G-Com is partly attributed to the growth of the call center industry in the Southern part of the Philippines. The company has also a trust towards empowering women, who are often relegated to domestic work instead of pursuing their own careers, especially after marriage. This noble objective of the company is reflected by in its preference for female personnel over male.

G-Com had recently dropped its name and adopted the name of its mother company that is based in Hackensack, New Jersey, to wit, Cyber City Ltd. Cyber city is one of the largest call centers in the Philippines. The bulk of its office is located in Clarkfield, Pampanga, with over 3000 employees. The company also partnered with Leading Edge Broadband Services, in order to enhance its telecommunication network which serve as the backbone for its inbound and outbound customer services. Gcom/ Cybercity also specialize in other contact center services like order entry and product payments facilitation as well as data management services including voice transcription, data conversion.

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