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Genie Technologies Inc. is now known and documented as a highly-specialized Information technology company. It started to offer its clients retail management solution for Retail Industry in the Philippines, and now, it is renowned to be providing world-class business solutions, consulting and support services to different enterprises from numerous industries in Southeast Asia in all sizes. Nowadays, GenieTech Philippines offers wide ranging and fully assimilated business solutions, combined with the industries’ best practices, to make the most out of its clients’ business growth. It has been successful in realizing and executing various ventures through the years, not only in the retail and distribution industries but in others as well, like food and beverage, hospitality and financial services among others.

Genie Technologies partners with Radiant Systems, a global leader when it comes to restaurant technology. It offers the NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard. This retail solution provides real-time monitoring and alerts to the restaurant owners and operators, helping them to put stop to theft and any other fraudulent activities that reduces profits and jeopardizes the customer experience. This powerful back-office solution gives the restaurant managers all the tolls and insights they need to proactively recognize losses while it strengthens internal controls. Some of the benefits of Aloha Restaurant Guard include:

  • Real-time loss prevention
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved workforce management
  • Tools to prevent theft
  • Stronger personal controls

In addition to that, Genie Technologies is also the largest partner of QlikView in the Philippines, which provides its clients a brand new level of analysis when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. QlikView makes the entire business organization smarter with its innovative application. It allows the users to acquire unexpected business insights because it helps the users understand how data is associated and which data is not related. Furthermore, this application can also be accessed through mobile devices, including iPad, IOS, Android and Blackberry, giving the users the freedom from desktop while they access data analysis anytime, anywhere.

Genie Technologies has also partnered with Retail Pro, a global leader when it comes to retail management software. This company has developed retail software solutions to help retailers improve business operations and allows them to focus on what really is important. Now, GenieTech Philippines is certified to deliver Retail Pro Training and certification classes to their customers and general public.

Genie Technologies office location:

  • GenieTech Makati
    7/F Alphaland Building Southgate Tower
    EDSA corner Din Chino Roces Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

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