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Genpact Philippines

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Genpact Call Center started as a business unit within GE in 1997, with which it was endowed a deep and understanding and knowledge of business operational process. Genpact Philippines evolved as a specialized unit, which expanded in scope across all GE business operations and finally, breaks free as an independent company that provides business process management services to different companies in 2005.

As the leader in powering intelligent enterprises, Genpact Call Center distinguishes itself as the topmost choice for business process and technology outsourcing. Genpact’s ultimate goals is make its partners smart in running their operations, making decisions and utilizing technology. Genpact Philippines utilizes its own unique Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework, mixed with profound field expertise in different industries to come up with advanced business results.

As the first in instituting Six Sigma for Process Transitions and launching the Science of Process Management (SEPSM) framework, which currently serves as standards in the industry, Genpact Philippines has been considered as a pioneer in providing innovative service process that help its clients outperform their rivals. This is supplemented by the Genpact Philippines Smart Decision Services that provide important business analysis through objective analytics, restructuring and change management expertise, and sophisticated risk management. Genpact Call Center believes that data insights of its experts amplifies intelligence of technology by two fold.

Genpact Call Center is unique for integrating its DNA in Lean Six Sigma to process expertise which made wonders to all it partners. This is the competitive advantage of Genpact Philippines and legacy of GE, which is delivered to more than 600 clients through a network of 18 countries with 67 delivery centers supporting over 25 languages.

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