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Gho Ahk Corporation

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Gho Ahk Corporation has been the privileged partner of companies, organizations, clubs, institutions and brands throughout Europe, Australia and Asia for their promotional items. Promotional items refer to items that are used by the company as give-aways for their clients and employees as rewards or marketing tools. This included pens, pencils, papers, umbrellas, t-shirts, jackets, mugs, badges, bags, badges, book marks, patches, magnets and other things that are personalized or which bears the brand and name of the company.

As promotional item specialist, Gho Ahk Philippines closely works with its clients in conceiving the design, color, signature, trademark, and brand of the clients in making the items. From the conception of the item to the delivery of the production, it has a dedicated design team at the disposal of the client throughout the process for them to enjoy a fully personalized service, adapted to their needs.

Quality is at the heart of everything it does. Gho Ahk Corporation partners with quality companies to ensure quality products for the promotional items. It understands that the quality of a company’s promotional items also reflects the quality of its services and products. Thus, Gho Ahk Philippines is meticulous in selecting suppliers to ensure only quality products in creating promotions items. As part of its continuing commitment to quality, the company also supports the continued education or learning of its staff by sending them to training seminars as it values performance by offering good incentives for every success of the project.

Gho Ahk Corporation is located at 7-B Ponce Millan Bldg. Road 4 Doña Vicenta Village, Bajada Davao City 8000 or lot 30 Phase 4 Scarestar St. Elrio Vista Village Bacaca Davao City Philippines.

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