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Glasscade System Specialist

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Glascade System Specialist, Inc. is a manufacturing and production company that offers various glass and aluminum products for house and commercial buildings. It is proudly a Filipino company with a goal of providing its customers quality products that could ride with the top competitors’ products both locally and internationally. It is now a fast rising organization as the demands of glass and aluminum products are an uptrend.

Glascade System Specialist, Inc. is an active company into wholesale, retail and fabrication of aluminum special profiles for high rise building, commercial, and residential houses. The company continues to research and develop new products by employing technologically advanced tools which would make its products withstand the tests of time. In other word, clients can be assured of the durability of its products.

Products & Services

– Sliding Windows
– French Doors
– Casement Awning Windows
– Sliding Doors
– Curtain Wall
– Shower Enclosures
– Commercial Aluminum
– Window Films

These products have been tested and proven already in the many projects of the company. Glasscade ensures good products and high client satisfaction rating. Many clients have testified to the professionalism of the said company while at the same time praised their quality products and services.

Work with Glasscade System Specialist
If you are looking for opportunities wherein you can grow your craft in research and development of glass and aluminum products, then you are fit with Glasscade. Glasscade System Specialist provides training and growth in this kind of business manufacturing. Also, Glasscade gives generously to their employees. Some of its benefits to the employees are the following:
– Miscellaneous Allowance
– Medical and Health Insurance
– Loans
– Life Insurance
– Good salary grade

Glasscade System Specialist office address:

  • Glasscade Quezon City
    Baesa, 76-82 Howmart Road
    Quezon City, Philippines

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