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Global Contact Services

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Global Contact Services is an outsourcing provider that offers the capability to communicate with different customers around the globe. GCS Philippines is primarily operating through phone and the skill and experience to apply other channels as well as for different communication approach.

It was in July 30th, 2001 that the GCS Philippines was legally established or recognized. Global Contact Services was then in December before they making calls, but the things were started to change its course. The determinations were to begin in Mt. Hope WV and permit additional locations to twist out there, but the GCS pick up the Beckly. To make the story short of the history of the Global Contact Services, they give the Philippines the chance to put up their business here for it offers lower cost for voice and non voice services.

The Global Contact Services is very dedicated in giving an excellence in outsourced customer communication and BPO services to their clients, these services includes the integrated customer service support, the professional outreach sales and ,marketing channels, another is the workstation based BPO services and many others. For the customer service sales, the core to their abilities is the love for outstanding customer service, the quality of services they provide to their customer is a joint effort for the company. They offer the basic customer care to fulfill to their clients the unified channel service center. When it comes to outreach sales and marketing channels, the expert’s presentations and state of the art engagement techniques commits to deliver better sales and marketing results for their products and services campaigns. It was redefined in the years of their experience and successful business ventures. For the BPO services, Global Contact Services BPO services are the terminal centric. Consider the GCS Philippines as a cost and effective way of quality and aware outsourced partner. Any procedure that requires human input can be done with a telephone, a pc, or internet connection is a good candidate in the business.

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