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Global Headstart Specialist

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Global Headstart Specialist is a BPO company that specializes in providing human resources outsourcing solutions to different company especially those in the contact services industry. As its name implies, Global Headstart Specialist aims in providing its partner clients a head start in their operations against their rivals by providing the most important asset in a BPO company – the human resources. Global Headstart Specialist has a team of veteran HR professionals as well as experts both locally and abroad who will bring in their extensive experience in people management to its clients.

Global Headstart Specialist recognizes the rising human resource needs of contact centers and various company from different industries. With the standardization of information technology, the human resources is critical in creating the competitive difference among companies. Global Headstart Specialist ensures to ease its partners’ manpower demands and requirement to help them attain their objectives. Global Headstart methodically works with it partners to deliver services beyond their expectations and provide the best candidate that will primarily provide their services. To do this, the company customizes its qualification processes to match the specific requirements, needs, and standards set by them with utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Topping the services offered by Global Headstart Specialist is sourcing and recruitment which aims in searching for the best and most qualified manpower to address the urgent requirements of expanding BPO companies.

Global Headstart Specialist Recruitment office is located in:

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