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Global Sky

Established in 2004, Global Sky is a Philippine based BPO company that provides topnotch outsourcing services for international corporations. Outsourcing in Global Sky can significantly increase its clients’ savings by as much as 50% without compromising customer service quality. Filipinos are known to possess excellent English communication skills compared to other foreign English speakers who usually have apparent accents that can obstruct flawless communications. This is complemented by excellent grammar which is equally crucial for facilitating communication. VOIP service channels are back up by high quality connections that make direct and flawless routing of calls from the US to the Philippines. The services are scalable, flexible and reliable to fit the particular needs and requirements of the clients. Clients are also able to monitor services in real time so that they can simultaneously conduct their own quality assurance.

As testament to its effective Inbound and outbound call center services, Global Sky Philippines has catered the customer relationship management needs of top Fortune 500 companies including top software development companies and a major US laboratory company. More than just providing customer service, Global Sky call center has made the whole customer service department transparent, which allows for better management and monitoring. Among the CRM solutions provided by Global Sky included Sugar CRM, Centric CRM, Infusion CRM and Sales Force.

Aside from outbound and inbound call center services, Global Sky also offers back office solutions to clients. This included a broad range of support services that can free the client’s time from the rigorous and painstaking administrative work that can eat much of its productive time, which could otherwise be used for the development of its core operations and business. The back office support solutions include everything from copy writing to data entry. And such solutions are efficiently provided by our pool of college graduate professionals who have the expertise, experience and proficiency to provide the support services at par if not better because of cheaper rates.

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i dont know if this is the same globalsky in my mind..but there is a certain globalsky who used to send articles to different blog sites..those articles are good, i must say, especially their most recent blogs..

i left the company after 2 months. hardly any facilities to put it anywhere in the same league as most of the other contact centers.

i have nothing to say so far because i’ll be applying there for a while im here in the philippines to see what they have for me if the offer is good then let’s see what will happen.

hi. are you willing to hire someone who work from home? thanks.

Hi, Im from Cebu, Was working with one of the call center here in cebu for 8 months and have other 3 mos call center experience, both technical and customer service/sales. Im looking fo a good post in your company.hope to hear from you.

worked in this company for three mos, i enjoyed working here not because of the facilities but because of my teamates,really.

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