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GlobalBridge Resources

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Outsourcing in the Philippines is the number one trend in the business today. Even if it is a small and medium enterprise, engaging in this kind of business is very easy. By giving enough dedication and attention for sure the business will prosper. Base on the story of the GlobalBridge Resources, it only started as a subordinate of ASTICOM Technology Inc.; it is a company that is dynamic and an innovative organization that targets to be a world-class HR Solutions provider here in the Philippines and around the globe. GlobalBridge Resources Philippines was directed by its corporate good values that are intended for the improvement of companies that are associated with the rules and regulation with the Ayala and NCS values.

Their main concern is to guarantees unsurpassed services to its different clients and partners. As the company started its operations as a business unit of ASTICOM, GlobalBridge Resources aims is to supply its internal manpower requirements. And as the time pass by, the company realizes that they will engage to another kind of business venture which is outsourcing. They have come to realize that the Globalbridge resources were ordered to test the market and to serve the external clients. And after the success of the business, the ASTICOM have decided to make the company a distinct unit and soon became a corporation in 2008. And up to now, GlobalBridge Resources Philippines still soars high in terms of their services is concern.

Services of the GlobalBridge Resources include providing of Human Resource Solutions in the part of the areas of Manpower Expansion and different Human Resource services which includes the recruitment process outsourcing. They are the company that provides work to different companies that will seek their services in terms of these different position or jobs is concern. They are focused in the services of employing IT skilled resources to different clients, here in the Philippines as well as outside the country.

GlobalBridge Resources Philippines call center/recruitment office:

  • GlobalBridge Makati
    15th floor Corporate Center
    139 Valero Street Salcedo Village
    Makati City Philippines

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