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GlobalQuest BPO

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Globalquest BPO Specialists Inc. is a small BPO firm established on 2006 that provides highly specialized and professional outsourcing service to companies abroad. GlobalQuest BPO Philippines maintains a very lean organization because the company is more like a group of specialists in their own right who joined together to pool their resources and expertise towards a global quest. The group initially ventured in the area of medical transcription and later expanded to other business process outsourcing services including voice and non-voice services.

For its voice operations, the firm provides both inbound and outbound call center services. Inbound services included customer service or customer relationship management services as well as technical support. Outbound services are constituted of appointments settings, telemarketing, survey, campaigns, outright marketing sales and provision of virtual administrative assistance. Meanwhile, GlobalQuest BPO Philippines medical/general transcription has also expanded to more complex activities such as residential mortgage loan underwriting.

Non voice operations of Globalquest BPO Specialists aims of providing a package of service to the healthcare industry particularly in the United States of America (USA) the covers the different stages in the revenue cycle of a healthcare service facility whether client is a hospital institution, a clinic, or simply a individual medical private practitioner. For its voice Operations, the company mainly offers contact center services to overseas clients engaged in different types of businesses. Its contact center services serves is manned with professional agents that undergo specialized training to fit the culture and requirements of every client that they handle.

Globalquest BPO Specialists Philippines call center office address:

  • Globalquest BPO Ortigas
    3/F Augustin-1 Building
    Ortigas Jr. Road
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Tel: +(632) 633-0044
    Fax:+(632) 635-5372

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