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GMO GlobalSign

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Formed in 1996, GMO GlobalSign one of the pioneering trust service providers in the internet usually referred to as Certificate Authorities. Despite its impersonal and virtual nature, people from all over the world had gradually learned to trust and get acculturated with cyberworld and its transactions, to which the world owes to certificate authorities that guarantee websites to be trustworthy. As the biggest pure-play Certificate Authority, GMO GlobalSign Philippines has released millions of trusted Digital Certificates for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled solutions and applications. The Digital Certificates functions to secure the data and transactions to ensure reliable and trustworthy transactions, secure workflows, improve productivity and the peace of mind of people in the Internet.

GMO GlobalSign basically provides credentialing services to legitimize transactions, facilitate document and transaction workflows, authenticate people or parties involve in the electronic transaction. GMO GlobalSign Philippines compels identities into multipurpose Digital Certificates used for SSL, code signing, access regulator and flexible digital signatures. Among the GlobalSign Products included SSL Certificates, Code Signing, PDF Signing, Microsoft Office Signing, Strong Authentication, Email Security, Enterprise CA Root Signing, and PersonalSrign Certificates. Enterprise Platforms included Enterprise PKI and Managed SSL. SSL Certificates include DomainSSL, OrganizationSSL, ExtendedSSL, Multi-Domain SSL, Wildcard SSL, Multiple SSL Certificates. GMO GlobalSign can also secure different server types including Apache, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Exchange, Tomcat among others. Finally SSL Technologies included Managed SSL for Enterprises, OneClickSSL for Hosts and CloudSSL for CDN/Developer.

While GMO GlobalSign issues digital certificates across the world to build public trust, the company relies on a Global support center in the Philippines that provide customer relations management services, customer support services and other front office services to its clients. This is the GMO GlobalSign Philippines, which among other handle queries and technical support and other requests.

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