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GoFluent Philippines

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GoFluent is the leading training and tutorial center for professional English communication which pioneered in English distance learning. It was founded in New York in 2000 by a French entrepreneur and banker, Christophe Ferrandou initially for Europeans who want to learn to speak English. Today, GoFluent Philippines operates in 11 countries around the world. The company’s headquarters for training operations was founded in the Philippines in 2004 following the increasing demand for learning English in the Asia Pacific region. The operational center in the Philippines not only provides English training for the Asia pacific region but for other continents as well. Such was the logical thing to do for economical reasons as the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world whose talents and quality are at par with other native English speakers.

goFLUENT offers on-demand Distance Business English Training that integrates eLearning, eWriting and Live Coaching. With the emergence of the call center industry around the world brought by communications technology, the company helps in providing the English training project of many contact center companies.

goFLUENT offers a unique, fully integrated training solution. Its eLearning solution can address the requirement of human resources in need of a complete, integrated solution that can be implemented across the world with large number of employees with different communication skill levels and have varied native languages.

goFLUENT Telephone is another solution which specializes in training English as a Business Communication Tool. This is especially designed for professionals who required greater flexibility and mobility in learning. English coaching by telephone helps improve face to face communication. As its name implies, goFLUENT eWriting is for developing business writing skills of learners in English. The training provides a personalized approach to help learners write in professional English language. Finally, the company has a quality assurance team to control optimize and ensure that all trainees are able to achieve the level of English communication skills that they want to attain.

GoFluent Philippines call center office address:

  • goFluent Libis
    10/F, IBM Plaza
    Eastwood City Libis
    Quezon City Philippines

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