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Goldentek International Services

Goldentek International Services is a global alliance of online professionals that provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) + Management Consulting tailored for small and mid-tiered businesses. Goldentek Philippines provides freelance professionals providing services to foreign companies and executives to help them with their administrative work, marketing, accounting and other routine functions so that they can focus on their core expertise.

Goldentek International Services has clients ranging in size from small start-ups to large publically listed corporations. It has a management team with decades of experience in the offshoring industry and has different professionals with different lines of expertise ready to serve. Goldentek Philippines in-house talent acquisition team also has recruiters who are skilled in finding the best available talent to match the requirements of clients.

Goldentek International Services provides a broad range of Knowledge services including Healthcare, Medical Encoding, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Recruitment. It also has professionals providing Creative services such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Print & Prepress, 3D and Animation, Flash Animation, 3D Modeling, Copywriting, Proofing & Editing. For Business support, it provides Call Center Services, Customer Support, Telemarketing, Data Processing, Data Entry, Administrative Support, Personal Assistance and Transcription. For Internet services, Goldentek Philippines provides Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Moderation Services, Content Moderation, Game Moderation and Community Moderation. Finally, in Information technology, it also provides Programming, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Game Development, and Technical Support.

GoldenTek International Services call center office location:

  • GoldenTek Makati
    34/F Burgundy Tower
    Gil Puyat Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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