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Goldpac-ACS Technologies

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Goldpac-ACS Technologies Inc. (GATI) is a combined project between Goldpac Group Ltd. (Goldpac) and Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS).

With the technological capital that Goldpac possesses and ACS’s experiences that have been acquired through the years, this combined project guarantees to provide safe and cost-effective EMV personalization services.

About the Partners
Goldpac is dedicated to form the future of advanced and innovative technologies as it pushes forward the limits of leading-edge technology enhancements. Goldpac offers solutions that focus on the varied needs of secure payment systems, entrenched software and security products, personalization and data management services, as it serves clients across the entire Asia Pacific region. On the other hand, ACS has been considered as the Asia Pacific’s leading and the world’s number 3 provider of PC-linked readers. The company designs a variety of high class quality smart card reading and writing devices and disseminates them to over 100 countries across the globe. The company is multi-awarded and is also recognized for the Product Quality Leadership Award for Smart Card Readers from Frost & Sullivan. It was also listed in Forbes Asia’s “Best Under a Billion”, a list of businesses which consists of the 200 top-performing publicly listed companies in the Asia Pacific.

What is EMV?
EMV is the world class set of standards administering the interoperability of chip-based cards and terminals. This technical standard was originally designed by Europay, which is now known to be Visa and MasterCard.

How Does EMV Secure Transactions?
An EMV card is practically difficult to counterfeit. Payment information is kept in a secure chip instead of on a magnetic stripe. This secure chip is capable of demonstrating cryptographic processing while the payment transaction is being made. The issuers of EMV cards use a specific set of keys while they are being used and personalized.

An EMV card has improved functionalities for card authentication, authorization of the transaction and verification of the cardholder in order for the card-present transactions to be secured.

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