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How to be a Good Team Leader?

A call center team leader or team lead is a person responsible for managing a group of agents, whose role is primarily to ensure that individual team members perform their job by reviewing their performance and coaching them to improve and excel in what they ought to do. He or she also coordinates with the manager and serve as the channel to relay management’s instructions to the team. Here are ways to be a good call center team lead.

Maintain a good and balance relationship with both manager and team members. This entails constant interaction and communication with managers and team members.

Create camaraderie within the team. Organize simple social activities to get to know team members better.

Be a good example to team members. Always come on time. Avoid getting absent. Hit targets. To effectively implement policies and rules, one should show faithful adherence to them. Whatever you want team members to be, you should lead by example because actions speak louder than words.

Be informed. Team leader should always be informed about anything and everything in and out of the office from the latest plans, events, instruction, news or even gossips so that one can effective interact with anyone and everyone.

Maintain an open and friendly personality. This will allow team leader to establish good interpersonal relations with everyone regardless of personality differences.

Learn how to listen. Don’t just listen to the boss or manager. One should also learn to listen to agents especially their sentiments to empathize with them and acknowledge their feelings or emotions. This is the first step in dissipating any form of conflict.

Be analytical. Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member so that one could act on them promptly.

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