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Gotalk Philippines

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Gotalk, a business process outsourcing company that specializes in contact center services. Gotalk Philippines was established in 2005 by two Australian entrepreneurs Melbourne, Australia and Manila Philippines following the need to create an offshore contact center provider that meets the high standards required by Australian companies in the telecommunications, banking and financial services, insurance, media, education and retail industries. Quality is important for companies to truly gain the benefits of cost optimization, operational performance improvement, increase productivity and efficiency and staffing flexibility.

GoTalk or Acquire Asia Pacific provides a range of contact services specializing in customer service particularly Customer Acquisition, Customer Service, Customer Development and Customer Retention. For customer acquisition, it offers Telemarketing, Inbound and outbound telephone sales, Order taking and payment processing, Outbound callbacks and Outbound verification. Its customer services included Customer Care, Service and Support, Technical Support, Advice and Guidance, Product Information and Help Line Support and Out of Hours and Overflow Support. Customer development services include Inbound and Outbound Upselling, Inbound and Outbound Cross-Selling, Order taking and payment processing and Directory assistance and messaging. Finally customer retention and collection services included Outbound welcome and customer activation calls, Outbound collection calls, Inbound customer registration services and enquiries, Inbound / Outbound incentive offer calls, Reactivation activities, Save and Win-back initiatives and Customer feedback and research activities.

Aside from customer service, Gotalk Philippines also provides back-office support services and functions, software development as well as other marketing services. It also offers solutions for Business Process Outsourcing, Marketing solutions, Call Centres, Telemarketing, Customer Retention, Customer Service, Inbound/Outbound Sales, Tech Support, Back office & admin and SEM/SEO.

With a mission to establish a trusted relationship for offshore work, Gotalk Philippines commits itself to providing client insight and active involvement for satisfactory completion of every project, help company’s meet their strategic requirements and objectives, and use their experience and expertise across a vast range of industries to deliver strong competencies in all its services.

GoTalk Philippines call center office address:

  • Gotalk Eastwood
    Unit A, 6F Cyberone Plaza
    Eastwood, Libis
    Quezon City Philippines
    Tel: 4374649

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