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Govirtual Assistants Philippines

Govirtual Assistants is a management based company in the Philippines supporting clients from Australia since its establishment in 2014. With more than 50 employees, the company provides a client with virtual assistants to assist them in completing their tasks. Based in Cebu city, Philippines hired employees go to the office to perform the task required by the client. As an offshore extension, the employees contact the client as they train them with company policy and procedures. With the basics, the hired employee will then assist with the needs and tasks of the client. With virtual assistants, you are more likely to finish more tasks with the time cut in half. Govirtual assistants is dedicated in developing your company to make task easier as well as providing digital solutions to long standing company time related issues.

Services offered by Govirtual Assistants:

1. Online advertising: Supercharge your business with custom made sites, applications and advertisements. This service will link your advertisements to social media to make your business more well-known. They can also help you in developing a web site to advertise the support and services provided by your company.

2. Social Media: Not only does Govirtual Assistant link your advertisement to social media, it also allows interaction between customers and the support group. With this service, your company’s opportunity to gain prospective customers will increase. In line with the increasing number of customers, increased revenue is a guaranteed achievement.

3. Graphics and Videos: Govirtual assistant do not entirely conform to the status quo advertisement known to many these days. As one of the leaders in brand advertisement, it innovates creative ways to advertise you and your company. This service will help improve business advertisements visually.

4. Custom solutions: Services are reviewed and evaluated based on the client’s needs. This is to ensure individualized support and services are built for your convenience. No need to worry about unrelated features and services on your site, Govirtual assistant ensures that the developed strategic plan is based on you and your company alone. With this individualized approach, efficiency is expected to increase and improve.

How do they work?

When you are interested with the service Govirtual Assistants Philippines can offer, contact them. They will gather as much information on your company as you wish to disclose. More so, they will ask for your needs and requirements to start the project. Once information has been gathered and trust has been established, a team of experts are created to develop a strategic plan and device a plan methodology. They will then present the plan to you for approval. Once approved, the team will then implement the plan and monitor the progress as you excel for your virtual success.

In the computer era, smart solutions can be utilized. With smart thinking, individualized planning and appropriate implementation, success is achieved. With Govirtual Assistants, complex services go easy while ensuring that success is not compromised.

GoVirtual Assistants call center office location:

  • GoVirtual Assistants Cebu
    Gagfa Bldg
    F. Cabahug St, Cebu City
    Cebu, Philippines

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