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Growth of Philippine Call Centers

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Over the last two decades, the Philippines had become a popular destination for business process outsourcing chief of them, the contact center industry. The BPO industry is considered as the fastest growing industry in the Philippines that generate revenues of over 10 billion US dollars. The greater part of this amount is attributed to call centers. The rise in the number of call center companies in the Philippines is very conspicuous.

According to statistics, the Philippines ranks among the top five BPO locations. The country benefits from the offshore voice BPO (call centre) services mainly because of large pool of English-speaking professionals, inherent customer service oriented culture of Filipinos, cheap labor costs and stable telecommunications infrastructure. Aside from these, other important factors that help drive the Philippines as the no.

BPO choice in the call center category included, the increasing government support for IT investment which further improves the IT infrastructure of the country, strong knowledge of the Filipino graduates on ICT, dependable and cost-effective telecommunication infrastructure, low cost for renting high quality office locations and headquarters, government incentives to the foreign investments and the increasing buyer trends on outsourcing, which often prefers Filipinos than other foreigners.

Despite its remarkable performance, the market share of the country in the BPO industry is a meager 3%, which is lower than our closest competitor India. However, the potential for growth in the contact center is high as the US and British markets remain mainly untapped. Overall, Asia pacific has only attracted less than 10% of the global customer care market. The Philippines still leads in attracting the customer care segment because of its high English language proficiency. At the moment, the Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the world next the US and the UK. More importantly, the country has higher rates of English proficiency compared to other countries that speak English as their second language like India and Nepal.

Among the major players in the Philippine BPO Contact center Industry included TeleTech Holdings, Inc., Cyber City Teleservices, Convergys Corporation, Sykes Enterprises, Inc., SITEL and NCO among others. Lately however, an upsurge of another type of call center is making waves across the nation. This is the English tutorial learning center, which specially caters the Korean and Japanese market.

In spite of economic setbacks and political qualms that the world has been into in the interim, off shore outsourcing had become an integral strategic practice in many multinational corporations in our globalized economy. And as long as there are opportunities or business that needs the help of Filipino workers, the country will always adapt and respond the call.

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