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Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing

We see it. We can seize it. Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing Inc. is an IT outsourcing firm that specializes in the development and maintenance of internet shopping websites for the Japanese and US market. Gulliver Philippines was founded by Yoshihiro Hirayama in February 2002.

Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing has expertise in the areas of Web Design and web development, Template Design, Graphic Design and image processing, Data processing and entry, translation, Call center/Contact Center Outsourcing, warehouse and Logistics management, and E-commerce. Because of this, the company is able to provide a comprehensive array of internet and IT solutions and offers one-stop-shop for companies who want to engage and expand business online in order to reach a global market and become competitive in the virtual market.

Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing focuses on finding solutions. It commits itself to its partners by thoroughly understanding their needs and developing long term solutions that will help its clients to earn profits over the internet and make their presence felt in the online world. Gulliver Philippines takes pride on meeting new challenges and takes full accountability all company stakeholders for any deficiency as it honor its commitments through tangible results. Among the major clients of Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing included Rakuten, Yahoo!, and DeNa of Fuji Film.

Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing is headquartered in 815-1-1 Ose, Yashio-shi, Saitama Japan 340-0822 TEL 048-994-0888 (CSR); FAX 048-994-0333.

Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing call center office address:

  • Gulliver Makati
    4/f Oledan Square (Makati SkyPlaza)
    6788 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

Question: How to go to Gulliver Makati?

Answer: Gulliver Integrated Outsourcing main call center office is currently situated in Oledan Square building, along Ayala avenue, Makati City. Nearest landmarks to Gulliver Makati are Burger King, Makati Medical Center and Solaris One.

Residents from Manila, Pasay, Taft and nearby areas can take a LRT ride to Buendia station; then take a bus ride going to Ayala and alight near Makati Med; then take a 5 minute along Ayala until you reach Gulliver Makati.

If you are coming from EDSA, the fastest way to Gulliver Makati is via MRT ride to Ayala station; then take a jeepney ride Ayala-Loop and tell the driver to drop you off Solaris One; then take a 3 minute walk towards Oledan Square. Use the map provided below to navigate your way to Oledan building.

Residents from South Area (Las Pinas, Bicutan, Paranaque) can get to Gulliver Makati via FX taxi ride to Makati/Ayala and tell the driver to drop you off near PBCom Tower; then take a 5 minute walk towards Oledan Square/Sky Plaza building.

You can follow directions via our map of Gulliver Makati below:

Gulliver Makati
4/f Oledan Square (Makati SkyPlaza)
6788 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Philippines

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