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GWI Business Solutions

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GWI Business Solutions, Inc. is a novel and inventive business process outsourcing company and marketing firm that delivers a range of customer-support services, back office administration process, and communications and information services particularly in the industry of interactive online gaming companies.

Specializing in interactive online gaming industry, GWI Business Solutions maintains a team of highly trained customer service agents that provide service to a unique set of high class market, known to be discriminating and demanding. Thus, GWI Philippines provides rigid training for all its agents in order to ensure the delivery of premium services to high class clients.

Since interactive online gaming is essentially a global activity, the core values of GWI Business Solutions stemmed from the integration of the diverse cultures and nationalities that constitute the company and directs its course and decisions. Chief of which is People Development, which lays emphasis on the Customer Relationship Management as the main service provided by the company. Thus, the biggest asset of GWI Business Solutions are its people and the company takes the need effort to attract the best and most pleasant looking people to provide company services by giving employees promising and rewarding careers. Second is the Client Value , which stresses the mutual and close partnership between the company and its clients thus tying their business growth together. The success of GWI Business Solutions can only be measured by the success of its clients’ business performance. Third is
Integrity and Ethics , which served as the backbone of its business operations. GWI Business Solutions holds great premium on these virtues in all business facets and applying to all stakeholders. Finally, GWI Business Solutions values events. All work and no play make Jack a dull person. Aside from making work fun and reward, the company holds regular outing, outreach programs, sport activities, dinner, birthday treats, and other holiday celebrations to ensure that its people are contented and happy.

GWI Business Solutions is registered in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone & Freeport Municipality of Sta. Ana, Province of Cagayan.

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