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GXS Philippines

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GXS is one of the oldest IT companies whose roots can be traced to as early as 1878 with the foundation of GE by Thomas Edison. It is credited to have developed the basis for electronic data interchange with it Berlin Airlift system and launched the first computer time-sharing centers. However, GXS was formally founded on 1967 as GE Information Services (GEIS). Today, the company has become the global leader in B2B e-commerce and integration services solutions providing the B2B e-commerce integration solutions to almost all of the top 500 Fortune companies in the world.

GXS Philippines main offerings included the GXS Trading Grid and GXS Managed Services. The company provides as cloud computing platform for its GXS Trading Grid that allows companies to completely outsource B2B integration that allows companies to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize costs and increase profitability. Active Businesses also allows companies to exchange information and communications freely throughout a company’s global supply chain thereby truly conquering geographical boundaries.

Among the principal products of GXS Philippines included Transact Messaging Services that ensures secure, consistent and high performance network for exchanging digital documents with all stakeholders of an organization. These documents included demand forecasts, inventory arrangements, POS transactions, purchase orders, notices, invoices and payment instructions. Expert Operations Services permit companies manage daily routing operations of a B2B e-Commerce program online by conversing all offline applications to online application. GXS Philippines supplements this with a 24×7 monitoring along with multi-lingual technical support to ensure flawless and continuous perfect operations. Similarly, the company also allows interconnection and data interchange of a company’s online and offline systems.

It has a complete range of solutions that will integrate different platforms and software applications. Cloud computing not only makes data available across the world but help optimize cost through the implementation of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), in which companies only gain and pay access to software they need only when needed. These applications also allows collaborative work because all partners share similar visible GUI interfaces simultaneously. Finally, Edge Software applications are made for a company who wishes to manage B2B transactions behind-the-firewall for security reasons. GXS Philippines has Translators that delivery user friendly mapping tools that transform data from internal ERP systems to online applications as preferred by customers or partners.

GSX Philippines call center office address:

  • GXS Makati
    36F Tower 2 RCBC Plaza
    Ayala Ave. cor. Buendia
    Makati City Philippines

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