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Hammerjack is an Australian-based company known to provide offshore outsourcing services to different businesses coming from different industries. The company believes that outsourcing can provide companies more than just the financial gains. It also brings improvement when it comes to the company’s efficiency and the quality of customers’ experience. Furthermore, Hammerjack Philippines collaborates to its clients closely, so to guarantee that the transition to offshore services would be successful. Also, it aims to guarantee that there would be new development when it comes to the performance of the clients’ businesses.

Products and Services
• Customer Service – Hammerjack helps companies build long-term and meaningful relationships with its customers through excellent customer service.
• Sales and Lead Generation – Sales are the life source of the business and so, Hammerjack helps its clients create more sales and leads.
• Finance and Accounting – Bookkeeping will no longer be a problem for companies since Hammerjack will make sure it is always updates, accurate and compliant.
• Technical Support – Companies’ products and services are supported 24/7.
• Digital Transformation – Hammerjack connects the clients to technology to acquire their strategic business objectives.
• Administrative – Hammerjack helps its clients understand efficiency gains as well as rationaliza their business’ internal processes.
• Automation – Hammerjack also allows technology to work.
• Reporting – Clients are also ensured to be updated as to what’s going on next.
• Business Applications

Why Work at Hammerjack
Hammerjack is a company that is known to be working with some of the biggest firms across the globe. Thus, this is a great opportunity for someone to be employed in this company. Employees get to know and interact with clients and companies whose success has been known and discovered worldwide. These companies are known to be the most trusted when it comes to technology and innovation.
Here are some of the companies that Hammerjack Philippines is working with:
– Microsoft
– NowInfinity
– AFDigital
– Barhead

Furthermore, employees at Hammerjack are constantly provided with means to enhance and develop their skills. This is also a great opportunity because their skills are being honed so they could use it in the optimum level. Not only in the professional level are the employees being developed, but also in the personal level. Likewise, they are also being provided with a conducive and comfortable work environment, yet productive and professional enough so to promote work-life balance. These are all being done by the company because it believes that its success lies in the hard work of its people.

Hammerjack Philippines call center office address:

  • Hammerjack Makati
    5/F Paseo Centre
    8757 Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, Philippines

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