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How to Handle Irate Callers

Posted on August 13, 2015 | No Comments on How to Handle Irate Callers

Being a call center agent is not that easy. Although you are just going to answer the phone calls the mere eight hours of your shift, you have to brace yourself for each call you’ll receive. Will the person on the other line be a nice as you are when you do the opening spiel? Or will the person immediately scream back at you even before you say “thank you for calling…”? Thus, irate callers have been a part of the call center life, and even if sometimes, you would wish that all your callers will be as nice as they can be, irate callers are actually the ones who make the call center life somewhat exciting.

So how do handle irate callers? Here are a few tips.

  1. It’s nothing personal. Always keep in mind that your customer, most of the time, calls you because he or she is upset by the situation. Your caller is not pissed at you, but most probably by the service they get, or the situation. If the scream over the phone, they are just venting. So all you have to do is keep calm and listen to you caller’s vents and frustrations, try to butt in and empathize. Chances are, your customer will hung up the phone having a great day after all.
  2. Put yourself in your customer shoes. Try to imagine the situation your caller is into, and put yourself on that situation – your phone is still off even after you paid your bill, you cannot use your roaming service or you cannot just simply boot your computer for some reason and you have a deadline to meet. These things are disappointing and make you dissatisfied with the service. Now, if you think that these things are still okay and not really worth shouting someone over the phone, then just remember that your caller is someone who lives in a different culture with different values. A lot of things might be too important for them that you usually shrug off your shoulders.
  3. Give them some nice warning advisory. However, you are not being paid to receive the insults and the personal banters of these callers. If your caller already uses profanity, or if you feel like his or her words are already a personal attack, tell your customer that you do not tolerate profanity, and you will be forced to disconnect the call if he or she will continue using foul words.

As a call center agent, your role is to give good, if not excellent, customer service. You can start doing so by being extra nice.

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