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How to handle different types of Customers?

In a call center, you are literally dealing with different types of customers. There are customers who are irate, passive, and talkative. The question is, how will the call center agents handle them? It is not easy though to handle these customers as you are expected to be cordial, professional and polite no matter what happens in the call. Here are the different types of customers and tips on how to handle them:

Irate Customers. These are the most challenging type of customers that you will be handling when working as a call center agent. Who would want to talk to a person when you just pick up the phone and he is shouting at you without you knowing the reason? Who would want to talk to an angry person who blames you for nothing? Technically, they are angry, but they are not mad at you, so you shouldn’t take it personally. They just would like to vent out their feelings because of their bad experience. The key on how to handle this type of customer is through listening and kindness. Let them vent out their frustrations and make them feel that you understand them. Once they are done venting out their feelings, then that is the time you acknowledge their frustrations, explain what had happened and help them out with their concern.

Passive Customers. Passive customers are those types of customers who are giving their full attention, but no response at all. If you would hear them a response, it would always be a “Yes.”, “No.”, “uh-uh…” or “Hmm…” For call center agents who are handling technical support, passive customers are quite hard to handle because they are not giving any feedback of all. For example, you are assisting them on how to set up a device, and you would ask them if it is working or not, expect an answer that it would only be a “Yes.” or “No.” To handle this kind of customers, make sure that you ask them with an open-ended questions and build rapport at the same time.

Talkative Customers. For this kind of customers, expect that you will be worrying about your average handling time (AHT). These are the type of customers who would love to talk anything and everything under the sun. To handle this kind of customers and to save yourself from a high AHT, make sure that it is you who is driving the call and you can interrupt the customer, but make sure that it is in a very kind way.

These are the most common type of customers that you will be talking to every day when working in a call center industry. But of course, regardless the customer is mad, too passive or talkative, make sure that you treat them with respect and kindness.

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