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Handling Stick Office Romance

YOU cannot help it. You enter a workplace. You meet somebody. You both get closer and closer by the day, err, night. Before you know it, you fall for each other. Kayo na. Oh, sarap ng feeling, di ba, especially if your now-honey works in the same department and shift. But just because you’re inspired doesn’t mean the company you both work for is happy. While office romance is not illegal, some companies impose policies on such romantic affairs. Call centers included.

Reasons – and how to go about it:

  • LQ (Lovers’ Quarrel). You very well know how it is in call centers – calls, quotas, customers are given top priority. So, if you just had a spat with your hon and an irate customer calls, there is a possibility that your interaction with the client might be affected and may result to putting the company’s reputation at stake. Also, most companies are wary of girlfriend-boyfriend getting hysterical and physical that may disrupt the smooth operations inside the workplace. This may lead to other employees’ morale being affected, too.
    What To Do: If you really love each other and you want to preserve the relationship, be mature and professional enough to handle squabbles. Don’t throw dagger looks at each other when at work. If it is hard for both of you to even talk, at least be civil enough to treat each other well. Soon, your rage will die down and that heavy feeling will pass. Sweet na naman kayo.
  • BREAKUP. A breakup, especially if it is a sensitive one, may affect the entire organization too, especially if the lovers refuse to report for work or resign abruptly. This may lead to losing clients, or worse, accounts. And if the lovers opt to stay despite the split, the company will have to think of other options to avoid further conflict and friction.
    What To Do: If the relationship cannot be fixed and you cannot stand seeing your ex, the best option is to request your supervisor to transfer you to another department or branch. But if you can’t stand seeing even that coffee mug or elevator you frequently used when you were still on and you get emotionally weak every time, then look for another job. If you opt to resign, however, do it according to the rules and regulations of the company. Don’t just disappear. This will put a dent on your career.
  • JEALOUSY. This is another issue. Flirting is common among guys and gals. This happens not only in the workplace but between agents and clients as well. Because of this green-eyed monster, employees’ efficiency may decrease especially if the person you’re jealous of happens to be working alongside your lovey.
    What To Do: From the start of the relationship, settle work related situations such as jealousy. Anyways, if you really love each other, both of you should be secure enough to trust one another. It’s a nice feeling to get jealous sometimes; nicer still if he makes lambing afterwards. But if you get distracted, miss deadlines or let projects suffer when your eyes turn green, take into account that you’ve worked hard to put your job and reputation on the line. And this is not good for you and for the company. Bear in mind that you are both hired to get the job done.
  • GRAPEVINE. Entering into an office romance sometimes triggers chismis especially if one of the lovers happens to be holding a higher position. To avoid claims of favoritism by the other employees the company has to see to it that there is no special favor or treatment accorded anybody.
    What To Do: It is best to be discreet about the relationship. OK, OK. We hear ya! Sure, you want to show (and shout) to the whole wide world that the office hottie is your squeeze. But keeping mum about it gives the impression that both you and your sweetie are taking things at a time. In the end, you will be spared from nasty rumors if the relationship doesn’t work out. Also, behave as if you and your partner are colleagues when it comes to work. This means no holding hands, kissing, snuggling, shoulder massaging, or pricking pimples in front of everybody. The more professional – even if it’s personal – you handle your love life, the better you and your partner will become. And everybody is happy, right hon?

By: Bailey Agustin-Dava

Originally posted 2014-07-13 01:48:05.

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