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Harassment in Call Centers

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Workplace Harassment is a very common phenomenon that is often neglected by many companies. In the call center industry, harassment is very rampant and common because harassment of employees is not only committed by co-employees but clients or customers as well.

Workplace harassment refers to any unwelcome or unwanted behavior that belittles or malign or demonstrates hostility or hatred against the person on the basis of his certain personal circumstances such as gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, sexual preference, or even position. It is considered unwelcome if the victim did not solicit, initiate or incite the offensive demeanor. A common type of harassment is sexual harassment which is a form of misconduct that is sexual in nature usually between opposite sexes and commonly victimizes women. The law is quite detailed in treating sexual harassment which encompasses verbal (suggestive comments, teasing jokes) Non-Verbal (visual pictures, written materials) and physical forms (brushing, patting, pinching etc.), which the victim finds offensive.

Harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue. It is a crime that is punishable by law and it also negatively affects the performance of employee victims. Harassment in call center companies is very rampant because many call center companies hire single women, who are vulnerable victims of preying men. The night time schedule of the call center industry also increases vulnerability of women to harassment because the female workers are also exposed to the corrupting night life. Aside from harassment among co employees, call center agents are also generally targets of harassment from customers.

This is facilitated by customers that abuse or deride agents on the phone. This problem has become a prominent issue in the call center industry because many countries which the call center company serves such as the US, UK and Australia often blamed the loss of their jobs to outsourcing countries like the Philippines. Thus, some calls from customers are directly used for harassment. The pressure and trauma caused by abusive calls is viewed as another factor that contributes to the high employee turnover rates in the industry.

Because of the malice and destructive impact of harassment to business organizations, companies should adopt clear cut policy harassment as means for disciplining the workforce. This policy should proscribe harassment detailing its different forms. An autonomous grievance committee should also be established for lodging complaints and for hearing administrative cases concerning harassment. On other hand, harassment from customers should be addressed by company management through counseling and continuous training among its agents and staff.

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  1. Ernest Carnegie Reply

    Hello I work in a call center and do my job very well and have been harassed by upper management as well as clients and trainers I am truly at a lost as to how to handle this situation and am looking help.

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