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HAVI Logistics Philippines

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The Global Lead Logistics Provider. HAVI Logistics Philippines is a recognized logistics services leader established in 1992 under the HAVI Group LP. It specializes in providing exceptional supply chain and logistical services requiring multi-temperature controlled products to QSR, hypermarkets and convenience retail stores among others. HAVI Philippines also developed customized services and IT capabilities that provide real-time information allows for quick and reliable decision making processes.

HAVI Logistics Philippines is dedicated to fulfilling its customers’ expectations of the highest food safety standards, reliable supply chain management and innovative logistics solutions while practicing ethical behavior and social responsibility alongside working with and protecting the environment. The company is backed by a myriad of accreditations such as ISO and HACCP that clearly illustrates our continued commitment to comply and exceed quality expectations.

HAVI Logistics Philippines provides Procurement-Logistics to reduce redundant inventory, promulgate stock safety, and meet customer service requirements through proven materials management processes which included inventory planning and replenishment, origin sourcing, inbound transport management, outsourced vendor payment, strategic sourcing and procurement, supplier and PO management. It also provides Storage and Handling in its distribution centers to ensure food safety as well as Materials hub management, distribution center management and cross docking.

For Distribution-Logistics, HAVI Logistics provides efficient physical movement of goods and effective supply chain management practices such as multimodal freight operations, last mile distribution de consolidation, postponement, transport and order management. Finally, beyond technical and physical logistical services, HAVI Philippines also provides add value for its customers through solution such as network optimization promotional program management, customer service, reverse logistics, configuration management QC management, demand planning and forecasting, milestone management, accounting services, in-store logistics kitting to the stores. HAVI Logistics take a true collaborative approach in every program it pursues from research, develop or execute to ensure successful inventory planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing, and customer service solutions.

HAVI Logistics Philippines office address:

  • HAVI Marikina
    Sumulong Hwy
    Marikina, Philippines
    Tel:(02) 982 6700

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