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Hazard Pay in Call Center

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Hazard pays pertain to compensation given to employees because of the risky nature of one’s job. For instance, firemen and miners are usually given hazard pays because the execution of their jobs entails inherent dangers to their lives. In some instances, such hazard pays are given because of the risky location of the workplace. For instance, employees assigned in Iraq or Afghanistan are given hazard pays because of the dangers that one faces in living there.

In the Philippines, the provision for hazard pays is also a common practice in the call center industry. Hazard pays are provided to call center agents who are particularly working at night and graveyard shifts. The rationale for this hazard pay is that night schedules make the workers more susceptible to criminal activities that often operate in night time including thieves, rapists and snatchers. Considering the rampant criminality in the city, it really is but reasonable to entitle agents to such incentive.

The “hazard pay” provided by call center companies ranges from P500 to P1500 a month depending on company policies as well as employee position and account. Exact amounts of the hazard pays are usually confidential that is why data is hardly available online. Sometimes, the pay even varies as it is computed as a percentage of one’s monthly income or number of days present.

Considering this small amount, it is not really a hazard pay in the sense that it can cover your expenses if something happens to you or your life being endangered. It serves as an incentive for one to be motivated to come to work at night at the risk of possibly encountering the many foul creatures that operates at the night excluding the drunken bastards, the drug addicts and night trippers.

More than the risk of being held up or robbed by a criminal at night, there are far even greater risks that call center workers are facing which hazard pays failed to consider. This is the health risks that many call center employees are suffering because of night schedules. In a study conducted by the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines, many call center workers are vulnerable to health risks such as alcohol abuse, fastfood, high caffeine intake and even unsafe sexual practices.

The night lifestyle of call center agents which are mostly comprised of young college graduates exposed them to harmful lifestyle habits like going to bars, drinking, among others. Such risks can have a direct impact and repercussive effects on their health and disposition in the long run. Such risks should be taken into consideration by the companies in formulating their compensation schemes particularly in hazard pays.

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