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Hazard Pay in Labor Code

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Attending to a nine to five day job may seem so-so to some people. They conclude that working in this period of time could give them enough time to deal with their daily living and other stuff. But then, there are times that there are risks in work place. In some cases, there is always a hazard whenever a person works in a location where war is present. It could be also hard to work if the place is susceptible to radiation and chemical malfunctions. For some, working could be very hazardous if there is exposure to criminals.

But no matter what the situation is, the Labor Code of the Philippines has imposed laws that would favor the workers who do their job in hazardous situations.
Here are some of the hazardous jobs mentioned by the labor code.

Military officers – These are the people who face conflict and danger upon waking up. They are unsure when will they hear peace or whatnot. Their life truly remains in danger. Thus, they are given additional hazard pay so they could deal with the situations they always face.

Public Health Workers – Exercising cleanliness and neatness in public is definitely hard especially for those people who are working as a public health worker. They face greater challenge because they deal with various people every day. They always respond to the needs of unknown people. And these people might bring disease in the field.

Scientists – To face chemicals and various technologies every day seem to be a very challenging task. It entails complicated theories and materials whenever a scientist works on a new or old project. With this, these people deserve a hazard pay in their field.

Hazard Pay for Call Center Agents
Hazard pay for call center agents is not written in the Labor Code. In fact, only call center companies imply this law to their employees. What is given to the call center agents is the night differential pay. Call center agents who are working between 10:00 in the evening until 6:00 in the morning.

As a call center agent, it is important to consider whether the call center company offers hazard pay. This can assure an agent that he or she is in good hands in that company. There is always a fall back place even if a person faces danger on his way to work.

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