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HCL Technologies Philippines

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HCL Technologies was one of the pioneer IT companies in India conceptualized by Shiv Nadar in 1976. HCL Technologies was born out of garage start-up by Nadar along with his other colleagues who shared the vision of the importance wave the information technology will bring in the future. Today, HCL Technologies Philippines has grown to become a global transformational technology enterprise renowned to a pioneer in innovating and advancing information technology as we know now. HCL developed the first indigenous micro-computer in 1978, a feat that had not been given much recognition compared to its other contemporaries like Apple and IBM.

Another feat that HCL technologies holds is in its innovative textbook management style that accounts for its resilience as it continued to thrive despite the recent global financial crisis that took its tool on the IT industry in general. HCL Technologies Philippines attributes this pliability to its innovative management approach known as “Employees First” philosophy. The “Employees First, Customers Second” defined the conventional management approach that generated the culture of trust and innovation of the company. While this management philosophy continuously evolve, it highlighted the individual importance and significance of every employee to create value for customers or potential to revolutionize the world.

HCL technologies Philippines forms part of the offshore offices of the company that provide business services, customized software application development, enterprise transformation services, and IT infrastructure management.

HCL Technologies Philippines main office is located in:

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