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Health Card for Call Center Agents

A Health Card is a card given to people that allows bearer/owner and/or one’s dependents or beneficiaries access to insured health care services that is paid by the company. The health card entitles the person to discounted or free health and medical services, cheaper medicines and other provided concessions. The issuance of health card is in line with health benefits provided to workers. This health benefit is important to workers especially to call center agents who are vulnerable to health risks in lieu of their night shift schedules. Many call center agents become susceptible to illness because of sleep deprivation, lifestyle imbalance and substance abuse (alcoholism and cigarette smoking). Hence, a health card would be really beneficial and useful for them.

Call center companies are not the one who actually issue healthcare cards. Instead, call center companies contract Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) who coordinates and bestows managed care to the employees, who receive the healthcare plan as part of their benefit or incentive as an employee of the call center. Among the common HMO providers in the Philippine call center industry included Medicard, Maxicare, IntelliCare, I-Care Insular Life Health Care and Philam Care. Each HMO has its own advantages and disadvantages. Apparently, the more comprehensive the health insurance package given to the employees, the higher the insurance pay given by the company.

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