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Health Habits While Working in a Call Center

Being a call center agent isn’t just a job. For some, it has become a lifestyle, and even a culture. Sunrise beer, excessive smoking and overflowing caffeine are just some of the bad habits you can’t help but doing once you entered the call center world. Not to mention the stress you’ll be getting from your irate customers, or just the simple fact that you didn’t get enough sleep. Want to keep your health at bay? Here are some tips.

  1. Get enough sleep. Since you’ll be working a graveyard shift, make sure you have enough sleep during the day. Drape some curtains by your window to make you room dark. Remember your body clock is still adjusting to your new schedule. Talking to the people living with you, and asking them to cooperate with your schedule also helps.
  2. Bring packed food. It is highly recommended that you bring your own food to work. As much as possible, avoid eating processed food, junk foods and fast food. Working at night can consume a lot of your energy, making you feel so tired during the day to drop by the gym and burn the excess calories you’ve accumulated. You would want to avoid getting unwanted fats.
  3. Take lots of water. Water would not only keep you hydrated during work, but it also lubricates your throat and soothes it from hours of speaking. But you might want to avoid drinking it ice cold to prevent sore throat. Remember, your job relies on your voice so take care of it.
  4. Avoid the smoking areas. If you are a smoker, this takes some will power. But if you are considering it, it’s highly suggested that you better not think about it. Even if you promise yourself to keep it in moderation, once you’re there, you won’t be able to stop. So avoid the smoking area. Second hand smoke is actually worse.
  5. Take vitamin supplements. Some BPO companies offer vitamin supplement allowance. If your company happens to not have this kind of incentive, then better invest on your health. There are some various vitamin supplements which can shield your body from stress and sickness effectively. You’re sky-rocketing salary might not be able to cover hospital expenses, even if you have your health card so prevention is still better.

Take into consideration that even though these tips sound simple, if you apply them, they make a big difference. Health is more important than luxury and leisure, so take care of it.

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