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Health Hazards in Call Center

Amidst the continuing growth of the call center industry, there is growing health concern among the employees of the call center population. Many agents and former agents who have worked in the call center industry complain of health and psychological problems while at work. Among the health hazards that they raise are as follows.

Insomnia and Sleep disorders. One of the major hazards of working in a call center is insomnia because of the failure of many employees to adjust in graveyard shifts as well as in varying shifting schedules. Insomnia is the inability of a person to get sleep. This is usually caused by the inability of an agent to methodically adjust to sleeping in the day and working in the night. This is also caused by the inability of an employee to regularly change one’s sleeping routine because of shifting schedules.

Fatigue. Fatigue or exhaustion is another health hazard usually complained by call center employees. This condition primarily emanates from a person’s sleep deprivation because of insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Sleep or rest is needed for a person to recharge or energize.

Neck, shoulder and back pains. This physical stress is derived from the problem of staying in the same position straight for 8 hours. This is especially common if employees do not have proper posture while sitting at work.

Eye Strain. Aside from muscle and bones that one uses to carry oneself while at work, another organ that is overused is the eyes because an employee usually looks at the computer monitor at fixed closed proximity which causes our eyes to tighten and dry up.

Voice problems. If there is anything the call center agents do a lot, it is talking. And because that organs used for talking is overused, agents commonly develop voice problems such as Laryngitis, Vocal Cord Hemorrhage or lesions.

Stress. This pertains to the feeling of being pressured by a accumulation of different things such as lack of sleep, over monitoring, inability to socialize with family and relations, getting into vices (smoking and drinking), and getting insults/ humiliation from customers, among others.

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