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Healthcare Accounts in Call Center

Healthcare accounts in Call Center pertains to client companies, organizations or individuals from the healthcare industry such as hospitals, clinics, mental institutions, home for the aged, childcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies and individual health professionals such as doctors, specialists, among others.

The most typical services involved in a healthcare account included medical billing, customer service e.g. handing inquiries from doctor’s offices or hospital institutions, healthcare coverage and benefits processing, medical transcription among others. Call center firms primarily provide support services pertaining to customer service, accounting and processing. No call center is actually involved in healthcare service. As such, a healthcare account in the call center industry does not necessarily require agents who are graduates of healthcare courses such as nurses, medical technologists or pharmacists. In fact, graduates of accounting and business can be more apt in performing medical billing services for instance. Thus, Healthcare account is very common nowadays because of the aging western population and as more people require healthcare services.

Most leading call centers in the Philippines have healthcare accounts usually pertaining to US hospital and healthcare institutions. Among the call centers with a healthcare account included HTMT Global Solutions, Perot System, Accenture, AscendAsia, AIGBPSI, Teletech and a lot more.

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