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Hearsay Systems

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Hearsay Systems provides solutions for financial services companies to develop their support system properly. Through its products, the company aims to bring clients closer to their target demographic and give them an edge when it comes to customer relations. Hearsay Systems Philippines covers industries such as wealth management, life insurance and mortgage among others. Hearsay Systems has also developed solutions for marketing, compliance and IT. Our solutions support is rock solid in terms of providing companies better brand recall and service notoriety.


Through Hearsay 360 platform, the company capitalized on the prevalence of social media, messaging, and email to connect to clients in a single “cloud”. Hearsay 360 extends the coverage of your reach and provides better customer relations for the benefit of your company.

Hearsay Social is the company’s foremost product. It’s an undeniable fact the Social Media is a dynamic business medium. Hearsay social puts you in an advantageous position to connect to potential clients through the contemporary social media outlets like Facebook.

There’s also Hearsay Site where it takes care of the overall look of your websites to attract more visitors and generate more traffic for your webpage. Hearsay Site makes sure that your sites are visually appealing to give potential clients a professional front.

Hearsay Messaging is another revolutionary component of Hearsay 360. It specializes on messaging your clients for updates and offers for round the clock interaction for queries.

Hearsay Email is basically an email system for reaching your clients emails to offer them support or ask them what they need.

Hearsay does not only take care of its clients. The employees are well-pampered and we’ve set them up to achieve their goals while growing as individuals. Hearsay Systems gives benefits (health, fuel, social, etc.) that are sure to nourish the employess as well as their families throughout the year.

With the sophisticated technology of Hearsay System’s software, you’d have metaphoric ears for the current trends and tendencies of your prospective clients so you can create a better customer experience.

Hearsay Systems main office address:

  • Hearsay Systems USA
    185 Berry Street
    Suite 3800, Lobby 5
    San Francisco, California
    United States

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