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Henderson Blake Business Solutions

Henderson Blake is top business outsourcing firm based in Australia providing business solutions, contact center solutions, IT solutions and consultancy . Established in Melbourne, Australia, Henderson Blake started operations in 2008.

The company dedicates itself on assisting companies and all types of organisations to attain better profitability by improving efficiency and enhancing customer service. Henderson Blake specializes on industries in telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality (food and beverage).

Henderson Blake Philippines is a results-oriented organisation. It focuses on measurable outcomes and let these achievements speak for themselves. It has a team of customer service personnel that is passionate in providing top of the line customer service which comes naturally as part of their utmost dedication. It allows its partners to establish standards for measurable outcomes to ensure win-win deal for clients.

Among the solutions provided by Henderson Blake included Payroll Outsourcing and Legal Outsourcing using Autopilot BPO Call Center Software, Managed (hosted) IT Infrastructure, Custom Software Development, Hosted Web Applications, Workforce Management Training & Consulting, Management Consulting and Customer Experience Management. For small and medium based enterprises, Henderson Blake offers Online Identity Management & Social Media, Conversion Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management and Graphic Design. Other most sought after services included Management Consulting, Call Handling, Recruitment Services, Process Improvement & Automation, Custom Software Development, Internet, Telephone & VOIP, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Payroll and Legal Services, Marketing, Customer Experience Management and Business Planning and Incubation.
Henderson Blake is founded on Customer service. It main sales strategy is diversification. It also provides a complete range of administration and back office solutions for any organization. With Henderson, a company can practically run everything without need of having regular employees while having skillful and proficient team with different expertises to conduct the operations of your business.

Henderson Blake Business Solutions Philippines call center office address:

  • Henderson Blake Eastwood
    7th Floor, Cyber One building
    Eastwood Cyber Park, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
    Barangay Bagumbayan, Quezon City
    +63 2 470 2564

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