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Highest Paying Call Centers

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 3 Comments on Highest Paying Call Centers

Unknown to many, the highest paying call center is actually a local call center of an international financial institution, to wit, Citibank. The Citibank call center is essentially a credit collection call center in which agents call credit card holders and remind them of paying their due accounts. The salary of a Citibank call center agent usually starts at 20K or more excluding the commission earned by the agent for successful collections.

In some instances, some agents are given car loans. However, aside from the difficulty of getting hired in this call center, agents also need to achieve quota collections else they get to receive the pink slip. Other international financial institutions that provide competitive salary rates for their collection agents includes HSBC and JPMorgan Chase & Co. IT companies that pays somewhat high rates for their call center operations included HP and Dell.

Among the highest paying conventional call centers are the most renowned call centers in the Philippines such as Convergys, Sykes Asia, Sitel and Telus. These call centers are the top call centers in the country and very well knows that in order to recruit and retain the best employees, they should equally offer the best compensation packages available in the industry.

Compensation for these call centers actually vary and usually starts at 12K a month exclusive of the other perks and privileges such as sign up bonuses, bonuses for perfect attendance, nigh differential pays and other similar incentives that further increases the monthly take home pay of the employee. Thus, in considering the pay of a company, one should also look at the total compensation package which included financial and non-financial benefits (i.e. health insurance benefits, vacation leaves and transportation allowances, etc).

Other factors that can increase the earning capacity of an employee included the type of account handled, the tenure and the position. Some accounts pay higher pays to as high as 20k. The longer the employee stays in the company, the bigger is the pay usually earned as part of its reward mechanism. And apparently, the higher the position of an employee, the higher the pay one receives. For instance, a team leader in Sykes Asia can receive as much as 50K a month.

While the compensation is big considering in applying in any company, a potential applicant should first consider what one can contribute to the company first instead of focusing on the financial rewards. For sure, if one contributes one’s fair share in the success of the company, the financial compensation will follow through smoothly.

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  1. Vene Smith Reply

    Really? “Among the highest paying conventional call centers are the most renowned call centers in the Philippines such as Convergys, Sykes Asia, Sitel and Telus.”??? (3rd paragraph above) I think the analyst gathered incorrect info…I have been with one of these call centers and i applied in one of these too but i did not pursue my application because they offered me a compensation lower than what I was receiving from the previous company i worked for. Correction please!!!! lol

  2. lord voldemort Reply

    Citibank…. 30k plus
    Jp Morgan…. 28k plus
    Bank of America… 25k plus
    Hinduja….. 27k plus
    VXI. … 25k plus
    Duetsche bank…. 45 plus
    BDO local….. 25k plus
    All are under financial account….

    • Jepoy Reply

      really? BDO? Ive been one of them but my salary is only 11k, saang BDO yan?

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