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Hire Better Call Center Agents

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Working as a call center agent is not just about answering phone calls which everybody can practically do. The work of a call center agent requires special skills and talents because it is customer oriented and not just a conversational dialogue with a friend. In lieu of which, it is important for call center companies to hire better quality Call Center Agents with innate abilities that simply rely on training to develop the skills of the employees. Hereunder are some ways in order to recruit better call center representatives.

Focus on voice screening. The work of call centers agents boils down to verbal communications. No matter how impressive the resume of an applicant, this does not necessarily ensure that one has the critical personality for telephone conversations. It is therefore important to immediately conduct or screen voice auditions to applicants to evaluate their verbal communication skills. Such skills included power, pitch, pace and pause. Applicants should be naturally friendly in conversation instead of sounding like a robot who memorized a script. It is only when one passes this communication test that resumes should be requested.

Test skills. In most instances, applicants try to bloat their image in their resumes. To check the authenticity and the claims of the applicant, companies should administer special skills test to effectively evaluate the applicant particularly in terms of English proficiency (grammar, spelling) comprehension skills, typing speed, computer skills and psychological tests. The company should also set standards that applicants should meet in order to qualify. It is worthwhile to note the psychological tests are equally important in order to effectively assess if the personality of the applicant fits the nature of the job as well as the culture of the company. These included finding traits that are people oriented like extroversion, patience, understanding, composure, etc because the call center is essentially a customer service oriented business.

Reach graduates from renowned academic institutions. Instead of relying on advertisements directed to the general public, advertise in select spaces in order to target good applicants. This can be done by placing vacancy announcements or job openings in select and identified academic institutions in which one can expect potentially good applicants and hires.

Properly conduct personal interview. With the proliferation of the Internet, many applicants how researched ways on how to properly answer common interview questions. It should be worthwhile therefore to think of new questions, which are not necessarily too technical to really check the applicants conversational skills. The personal interview should not be structured. Although guidelines should be set, it should be spontaneous in tone in order to effectively check the natural reactions of applicants.

Provide a Job preview. Applicants should be given a preview of what is really job all about so that said applicant can assess for themselves if the job is indeed right for them. This can be done through simulations or a short and quick orientation within the premises.

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